Crossroads Family Solutions

Family Mediation, Counselling Programs for Children, Communication Coaching

  • Save $$
  • Save time
  • Avoid court
  • In your child’s best interests
  • Better long term outcomes




  • Reduce conflict
  • Unbiased, fair, cooperative process
  • Less stress
  • Children will not become victims of divorce
  • Sense of security about the future


Welcome to Crossroads Family Solutions

Crossroads Family Solutions is Durham Region’s comprehensive provider of cooperative divorce solutions. We support positive family outcomes through the delivery of professional services and innovative programs designed to wrap around and support your entire family - beginning from the moment you make the decision to separate.

Finding yourselves at these crossroads can be an emotional roller coaster ride, with many of the stages you experience being comparable to the grieving process. Traditional legal procedures can amplify these emotions and bring out the worst in both parties as the process is designed for one side to win at the expense of the other.


How conflicts are resolved NOW will greatly influence your family’s ability to cope and adjust.

Our Family Meditation service is a cost and time effective alternative solution that produces a fair and lasting divorce agreement. It is designed to support separating families and generates results that are in the best interests of all family members.


With the impartial guidance of our mediator, you both become the architects of your own settlement.


Mediation allows issues to be resolved more efficiently and gives you more control over the process. As a result, it encourages future cooperative behaviour and ensures your children don’t become the victims of divorce.


With 22 years of professional experience working with high conflict families, Crossroads Family Solutions is dedicated to reducing the negative impact of divorce – for all family members –by delivering family mediation and counselling services designed specifically to meet your unique needs.


Crossroads Family Solutions offers diverse services related to separation and divorce: Family Mediation, Counselling Programs for Children, Communication Coaching.